Admin Tools

Dashboard View

Print CMS Dashboard is your default view when accessing the PrintNow Admin Tools. It will provide quick access to all major sections, report summaries, recent activity, PrintNow resources, and a calendar.

  • Sleek, intuitive, and easy to use
  • Bootstrap/.NET framework
  • Instant report summary on order totals and amounts
  • Recent activity displays last 5 orders, new customers and saved projects
  • Knowledge Base
  • Training Videos
  • Support Tickets

Order Management

Provides access to all orders placed within corporate and retail Storefronts. Users can navigate active, archived and deleted orders and quickly search all order details. Simple and easy to use tools for quick ordering processing and integration options for 3rdparty MIS systems.

  • Active, Achieved & Deleted types
  • Toggle search panel
  • Email notifications on orders
  • Order grid that lists orders
  • Quick view feature
  • Action button to view/edit order, download print-ready files, print invoice
  • Order details view
  • Order History
  • Custom order status and email notifications
  • Send customer and vendor notifications
  • Download assets, edit products, and remerge print-ready files
  • Job Ticket

Vendor Routing

Vendor Routing allows our customers to assign products and order items for 3rd party trade printers for outsourcing. Vendors will be notified via email and be able to download print-ready files and job ticket information as well as update status and tracking information. If you require bi directional integration please contact PrintNow for more information.

  • Add vendor name
  • Add vendor email
  • Add vendor logo
  • Assign products to vendor
  • Assign orders to vendor
  • Configure vendor email notifications
  • Productionview for vendor access
  • Vendor can update status and tracking information

Customer Management

The customer account dashboard provides details on anything tied to the customer like: Orders, customer projects, customer albums/images, customer roles and allows you to quickly access and make changes to any user account all in one place.

  • Customer Management
  • Customer orders
  • Customer projects
  • Customer Album/Images
  • Customer Roles
  • Customer Statistics
  • Customer Information

User Group Controls

Create User Groups for access to specific items within a catalog, custom themes, special pricing, specific payment options, and more. User Groups provide a way to design and deploy for various brands, product groups, B2B, B2C, affiliates, franchises, co-branded stores and more.

  • User Group catalog views
  • User Group discounts
  • User Group payment methods
  • User Group landing page
  • User Group Custom theme
  • User Group Custom fields

Storefront Management

The PrintNow Admin Tools provide you a way to configure each one of your license Storefronts using one system. Each licensed Storefront can set-up as a B2B Storefront or a B2C retail Storefront. Assign user roles for what users have access to in your Admin Tools. Specify Super Administrator, Storefront Administrators and even limit access to sections within each Storefront.

  • Enable digital download option
  • Assign cost or free downloads
  • Email triggers to access files
  • Set Online Editor defaults at the Storefront level
  • Enable live shipping and options for Fedex, USPS, and UPS
  • Enable fixed rates
  • Define supported countries
  • Translation support throughout

Email Notification Triggers

Email Triggers help to automate communicate at various stages of activity on both the front end and back end of PrintNow. When users create a account on your retails website for instance a welcome email will fire. When they place a order a new order email will go to your customer and staff notifying them of the new order. Integration into Print MIS providers and shipping label providers will trigger the Shipping email with tracking information.

  • Define multiple email triggers
  • Design HTML and text emails
  • Customize subject line
  • Add email macros for personalized emails

Product Catalog

The product options and tools available enhance your abilities when developing your catalog and enable you to be in complete control. Straight forward and easy to use you will be expert product developers in no time and quickly complete your goals.

  • Add new products manually or upload IDML templates
  • Search by category or by keywords to list products Product Information: Name, Description, Product Type, Category, Vendor, Published, Base Price, Size, Item Number, Model Number, Integration ID
  • Template Options: Scale Factor, Zoom State, Palette, Color Space, Editor Mode, Text Mode, Images Mode, Preview Type, Flex UI options, Fonts, Layouts, Themes, Clipart
  • Attributes: Assign attributes so users can filter products when using the Product Browser.
  • Related Products: Add related product ids to show when product is being viewed
  • Alternate View: Add additional thumbnails beyond default if required
  • Admin Comments for “TODO” notes when managing creative
  • Replace default thumbnail generated by system
  • Assign Tags to products when grouping across categories
  • Open templates in the Online Editor Admin to modify and save changes
  • Item Manager for an alternative data view and template administration
  • View how a product shows in Storefront from Admin Tools
  • Bulk upload and download via excel spreadsheet

Pricing Configuration

PrintNow supports printing pricing methodology with a base price and order option workflow. Configure any additional option like paper, coating, perforation, binding, proofing and set up promotional codes and percentage discounts for display on your Storefronts.

  • Ability to clone pricing
  • Base Price: Add available price quantities and set a default
  • Base Price: Add available sizes and define width, height, bleed and unit
  • Base Price: Add color combinations
  • Base Price: Add turnaround times and up sell for faster service
  • Base Price: Apply fixed or percentage based discount across a category
  • Base Price: Custom size support
  • Base Price: Markup custom upload and custom design pricing options
  • Base Price: Pricing grids that show size and color options side by side
  • Base Price: Show or hide Turnaround pricing options for rush charges
  • Charge per item, flat charge or percentage
  • Customizable display mode
  • Define min and max quantity
  • Display quantity as a drop down list or text box
  • Enter weight to be calculated by the unit, square foot or inch
  • Order Option Group: Apply option to multiple products
  • Order Option Group: Arrange option groups sort order
  • Order Option Group: Tooltip description on hover
  • Order Option Group: Unlimited product option groups per product
  • Order Option Group: Variable data price display optional
  • Order Option Item: Arrange product option items sort order
  • Order Option Item: Quantity range pricing variants
  • Order Option Item: Select a default
  • Order Option Item: Unlimited product option items in groups
  • Smart Order Option conditional logic
  • Bulk upload and download via excel spreadsheet

Asset Management

Every image uploaded to your Storefront by end users or offered through the Image Libraries can be managed in PrintNow. Storefront albums can be created by admin users and images can be uploaded efficiently. Admin users have access to end user albums for management as well.

  • Add Storefront Album
  • Edit and upload images to Albums
  • Search users and list Albums
  • Download and replace images
  • Photo retouch workflow

CMS with Full HTML Control

The Content Management System (CMS) in PrintNow allows you to view and edit content across pages, categories, products, tag pages, pricing tables, and email templates. The simple tools are designed to for users without knowledge of web programming and the users with knowledge of HTML/CSS can apply code changes in code view.

  • Page Content
  • Category Content
  • Product Content
  • Tag Content
  • Pricing Content
  • Email Templates
  • Design and HTML views in this easy to use content editor

Analytics / Reporting

Make better business decisions with real-time performance data. Our robust reporting capabilities provide tons of insight and provide both onscreen display and export on all reports. Need a special report? We can easily write custom reports to match your requirements.

  • Sales Report
  • Tax Report
  • Order Report
  • Order Details Report
  • Promotion Code Report
  • Customer List Report
  • Shipping Report
  • Sales Rep. Report
  • Saved Projects Report
  • On Screen display
  • Export to Excel

Inventory Management

PrintNow provides a simple Inventory feature to display inventory counts on Storefronts. It will provide you will locations when pulling from inventory and update you when reorder quantities are low.

  • Name
  • Integration Id
  • On Hand
  • Reorder warning
  • By product Id or by base price
  • Warehouse
  • Building
  • Department
  • Room
  • Row
  • Column
  • Shelf
  • Bin
  • Show Inventory counts on front end
  • Email when reorder quantity is reached
  • Update inventory via excel spreadsheet

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