HTML 5 Editor

Modern UI Design

PrintNow’s Online Editor technology is built on standards based on HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS. It’s highly responsive on tablets and other high resolution screens, both touch and mouse and adjusts the workspace and tool sets based on the screen dimension for 100% mobile support. No Plugins like Flash or Java are required or installation by your customers. From the language to themes and everything in between, you can fully configure the app to suit your needs.

  • HTML5 mobile responsive
  • Open and save any project
  • Large product workspace
  • Easy page navigation
  • Intuitive side bar controls
  • Change products within editor
  • Multiple get image options
  • Assign clip art categories
  • Swap out alternate layouts
  • Swap out alternate backgrounds
  • Custom size options
  • Layer pallet controls
  • Undo & redo controls
  • Configurable tooltips
  • Shows trim and bleed
  • Accurate rulers & guides
  • Product zoom controls
  • Select and drag and drop
  • Keyboard controls
  • Text toolbar controls
  • Image tool bar controls
  • Accurate proof preview
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Apply your own skin and icons

Simple & Advanced Modes

Simple mode allows the user to modify predefined text and image fields and hides all the advanced tool sets. In allot of cases this mode is enough and is a great fit for B2B product templates. In Advanced mode the customer modifies text and image fields directly on the product itself. This is the first choice in B2C product templates and gives the user the most amount of control and options to work with.

  • Simple mode mostly used for B2B deployments
  • Advanced mode mostly used for B2C deployments
  • Assign desired mode at the product level
  • Show or hide side bar options at the template level
  • Assign text and image rules at the template item level
  • Support any product with one configurable system

Text Toolbar

Using the Text Controls in PrintNow your users can modify text in creative and unique new ways. Everything the user could possible need to quickly and easily manage text online is made available in the PrintNow Online Editor.

  • Font style
  • Regular, bold, italic, bold Italic and underline
  • Font size control
  • Color swatch pallets
  • Left, center, right and justified text alignment control
  • Alight to top, middle, or bottom of text place holder
  • Wrap, Nowrap, Scale to Fit, and Auto Size text types
  • Leading can be changed for multi-line text boxes
  • Tracking spacing can be changed
  • Outline text with stroke supported
  • Text shadow support
  • Transparency can be changed
  • Rotation & anchor points on text elements
  • Mobile controls for better user experience

Text Rules

The Text Controls in PrintNow can be configured in many ways to allow or restrict functionality. Alignment, color controls, leading, opacity, positioning, rotation, size controls, style controls, max characters, multiple lines and more are configurable.

  • Auto or unique tag names
  • Edit display name
  • Item group feature to auto fill set text across multiple text placeholders
  • Edit draw order
  • Edit replace order
  • Include in final toggle
  • Allow changes toggle
  • Allow change position toggle
  • Allow opacity toggle
  • Allow rotation toggle
  • Always on top toggle
  • Autofit method: fit to mask, fit to box, scale to fit
  • Default font ID
  • Default font size
  • Min font size value
  • Max font size value
  • Multi line toggle
  • Max characters value
  • Alignment toggle
  • Leading toggle
  • Text shadow toggle
  • Text outline toggle
  • Color change toggle
  • Size change toggle
  • Style change toggle
  • Color change line toggle
  • Size change liner toggle
  • Style change char toggle

Image Tool Bar

Using the Image Controls in PrintNow your users can modify images in creative and unique new ways. Everything the user could possible need to quickly and easily manage images online is made available in the PrintNow Editor.

  • Corner anchor points control size and images can be moved
  • Rotate image place holder or rotate image within placeholder
  • Crop photos and positioning in placeholder for fit to mask type
  • Apply advanced image effects to photos
  • Flip image horizontal or vertical
  • Make any image a background image
  • Remove any image from placeholder or workspace
  • Select and drag and drop photo replacement
  • Image resolution warning indicator(s) if image does not meet minimal printable resolution
  • Images load more detail on zoom details
  • Raster and vector image formats are supported: .PDF, .EPS, .PS, .AI, SVG, .PSD, .TIF, JPG, and .PNG.
  • Transparency images fully supported

Image Rules

The Image Controls in PrintNow can be configured in many ways to allow or restrict functionality. Position, opacity, rotation, always on top, image types, borders, effects, shadows, resolution warning, cropping and more are configurable.

  • Auto or unique tag names
  • Edit display name
  • Item group feature to auto fill set image across multiple image placeholders
  • Edit draw order
  • Edit replace order
  • Include in final toggle
  • Allow changes toggle
  • Allow change position toggle
  • Allow opacity toggle
  • Allow rotation toggle
  • Always on top toggle
  • Autofit method: Fit to mask, Fit to Box, Scale to Fit
  • Auto rotate toggle
  • Allow border toggle
  • Allow effects toggle
  • Allow shadow toggle
  • Hide resolution warning
  • Reset cropping
  • Clear image

Custom Fonts

PrintNow makes it easy to support any font by allowing you to upload as many TrueType fonts as you need and assign them to your products.

  • Upload any true type into the system
  • Support for regular, italic, bold & bold italic, underline
  • Assign available fonts to any product or use same set for all products
  • Save company font set for easy assignment across product changes
  • Output retains vector font resolution

Color Vector Artwork

PrintNow supports color replacement with the SVG format. Any vector artwork can be saved as a .SVG file and placed within PrintNow. Users can replace fills, strokes and gradient colors quickly and easily. Texts and Shapes are rendered as full vector assets while images are rendered in their original high resolution to produce a ready-to-print PDF file.

  • Supports solid fill colors
  • Supports stroke lines
  • Supports gradients
  • Retains vector qualities on the output
  • Scalable vector format (.SVG) support
  • User can replace any color defined in set color pallets

Custom Color Pallets

The color pallet control built into PrintNow is completely configurable by you. Design one color pallet to fit all your products or assign custom color pallets for each unique product design. There is even an advanced visual editor for your end users to control their own colors when enabled.

  • Ability to define custom swatches and assign them specifically to products
  • Advanced visual editor with slider controls to mix colors
  • Allow or disallow user to add new color in addition to default colors
  • HSB, RGB & CMYK inputs
  • Pop-up color picker
  • User can save custom color swatch pallet if allowed for easy editing

Product Loader

The product loader conveniently located in the sidebar shows other product templates within the same category or related products assigned to an individual item. This feature eliminates the need to leave the HTML5 editor on many occasions when the user is interested in browsing other like designs.

  • Lists product templates under main & sub categories
  • Lists related product templates assigned to each unique template
  • Users quickly can quickly load other products within HTML5 editor

Image Libraries

The image library available on the left side bar was designed for gathering images quickly and easily. Users can upload or access personal, shared, & Storefront albums. Both free and premium image search functionality allow your customers to access millions of high quality images. Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Google Photos integrations available for personal use.

  • Upload PDF, .EPS, .AI, SVG, .PSD, .TIF, JPG, and .PNG
  • Access personal albums of uploaded images
  • Access shared albums from other users
  • Access Storefront albums assigned by the admin
  • Free image search using Pixabay
  • Premium image search using Adobe Images
  • Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Google Photos Integration
  • Images organized in categories and subcategories


Layouts allow you the template admin to offer other designs under each unique template without creating it as a separate product. You can configure it in a way to autofill the user’s text and images with the new layout without losing any data entry. Layouts can be configured to allow backgrounds to be swapped out as well.

  • Upload layouts using Adobe Indesign
  • Unique thumbnail previews for each layout item
  • Assign replace orders for autofill on layout replacement
  • Assign layout template groups to products


Backgrounds are simply a photo placeholder tagged as “background-image”. This allows you the admin to assign background groups to your products so your customers have more design options within the editor to interact with.

  • Upload backgrounds into groups created in Admin Tools
  • Use auto generated thumbnails or upload your own
  • Use “background-image” tag when using backgrounds
  • Assign background template groups to products

Clip Art

Clip Art can be uploaded to Storefront specific albums or assigned to specific templates created in PrintNow. Clip Art can be a image but most of the time you would use vector artwork or use the SVG format to allow colors within the SVG to be changed on the fly.

  • Assign Clip Art to Storefront albums
  • Assign Clip Art to specific templates
  • Use image or vector elements
  • Use SVG format to allow colors to be changed
  • Clipart organized in categories and subcategories

Custom Size

Custom Size allows templates created online to be scaled dynamically. This is convenient for large format products especially where common sizes aren’t enough. Templates conform proportionately or non proportionality and are priced by a square unit of measure. Enter min and max values for your equipment and the system can manage everything else in between.

  • Offer non standard sizes with custom size controls
  • Price products by a square unit of measure
  • Templates conform to overall size changes

Layer Pallet

The Layer Pallet provides both the admin and your customers a way to see all the elements on the template. Text and Image types can be altered from the default state changing display order, positioning, scale as well as deleting and cloning objects.

  • Drag and drop sort order
  • Transform properties to edit position and scale
  • Delete layers
  • Clone layers
  • Add new layers

Image Effects

Enable Image Effects to give users access to simple filters like black and white, sepia, and other very creative filters found in popular mobile sharing apps today to make dull photos look like a professional enhanced them. Slider controls control blur and sharpen, brightness and contrast, hue and saturation. Border controls, drop shadows and opacity are also available.

  • Simple and Advanced filters
  • Blur and sharpen slider controls
  • Border with stroke size and color
  • Brightness and contrast slider controls
  • Drop shadow with color, blur, distance angle and alpha controls
  • Hue and saturation slider controls
  • Opacity control on images

Instant Proofing

The proofing component built into the Editor comes standard with the ability to zoom and pan an accurate flat proof for approval. Advance add-ons give you much more with the ability to proof books with realistic page turn effects or by enabling a unique 3D viewer for dimensional products.

  • Flat proof option that shows accurate preview
  • Book mode proof option with realistic page turn effects
  • 3D proof mode tied to models for dimensional products
  • Optional low-res PDF proof option
  • Proof mode control that allows zoom, pan navigating pages
  • Ability to control background pattern for unique effect

3D Model Viewer

A 3D viewer component that connects PrintNow’s editor technology to products developed in 3D modeling software. The end user can see exactly how the final product will look after personalizing text and graphics by virtually spinning it around in 3D space and viewing the final folded or dimensional product.

  • 3D model viewer built into HTML5 editor
  • Supports OBJ models with texture maps
  • Rotate and Zoom controls
  • Assign background images or colors for viewer
  • Auto rotate option on product load

Shapes and Masks

Most web-to-print editors only support square and rectangle photos but PrintNow gives you much more to work with. Create any Shape or Mask layer and assign it to your photo place holders to automatically mask out the areas you want to show or hide.

  • Create PNG or SVG image masks
  • Assign masks to photo placeholders
  • Display masked images of any shape

Adobe IDML Templates

With a system designed for customizing the widest range of templates online it becomes imperative the set-up process is fast. PrintNow supports the IDML format generated from Adobe Indesign to import products instantly or choose to design or edit your templates using the Online Editor itself.

  • Use Indesign to make templates & layouts
  • Assign tags to elements within Indesign
  • Export IDML format and Import into PrintNow
  • Maintain all formatting and images
  • Use the HTML5 Editor in Admin mode to make changes

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