Merge Engine

Dynamic Image Generation

Print on demand is flexible for both the admin setting up templates in PrintNow and the user uploading images with support across a wide range of raster and vector formats. In addition, all hi-res images are optimized on the fly for display online and originals aren’t modified on final output.

  • Built to support a wide range of file types which are combined with text in the print-ready PDF
  • Raster and vector image formats are supported through the following image formats: PDF, .EPS,.PS, .AI, SVG, .PSD, .TIF, JPG, and .PNG.

PDF Manufacturing

Any template powered by the PrintNow Online Editor or print-ready file uploaded by the end user is manufactured on-demand. Documents are merged using an automated process that allows for highly productive workflows with the output quality you would expect from traditional creative software.

  • Flexible print-on-demand PDF manufacturing and web-interactive content creation provided by the Online Editor component or files uploaded from print-ready designs by the end user
  • Creates optimized PDF documents on the fly to power a wide range of products

The print-ready PDF files are compressed without loss of quality and downloaded from Admin Tools as a ZIP file or direct via a FTP account. Each order will be stored in a folder by order number and files will be listed by order item number. Integration services are also available.

  • Print-ready documents that become available are saved as ZIP achieves
  • Files can be downloaded from account or via FTP
  • Products and order items can be assigned a vendor code
  • Vendor email can fire after approval for fulfillment of order
  • Vendor can have access to assigned orders or files can be pushed manually
  • Xml, .csv, or .txt formats can be attached to orders for automation

Production Merge Servers

PrintNow deploys several dedicated merge engine servers on the cloud that run independently from web servers, data base servers and SAN storage servers. Highly dynamic image generation combined with reliable PDF manufacturing unmatched in any SAAS solution today.

  • 2 x Intel I7 (4790k) – 4 Cores CPU
  • Operating System: Windows 2012 – Standard – 64 bit

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