Enterprise Consulting

Web-to-Print Enterprise Consulting

Get connected to an Web-to-Print Consultant and a Technical Consultant

Service Details

Price: $1000 per month
Setting: Remote
Level: All Levels

Enterprise Consulting: Ongoing Overview

Enterprise Consulting connects you with a Web-to-Print Consultant and a Technical Consultant who work to find customized solutions to your strategic and technical challenges. Both experts are accessible on an ongoing basis to you and your team. Your Web-to-Print Consultant uses what you share with them about your business to create custom Quarterly Consultant Reports (QCRs) that help you better leverage PrintNow. Your Technical Consultant is your dedicated resource for all technical questions about our software and setup along the way.

What’s Included

Ongoing access to a PrintNow Web-to-Print Consultant for assistance with your strategy and areas including:

  • Goal-oriented, big-picture conversations
  • Web-to-Print strategy planning
  • Progress updates to keep you your top projects on target
  • Webinar working sessions
  • PrintNow Tool training
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Web-to-print Consulting consists of up to two (2) hours of monthly consulting assistance.

Ongoing access to a Technical Consultant for your technical questions and areas including:

  • Managing support requests
  • Technical set-up and solution design
  • Print Store customization
  • Guidance and training on tool functionality
  • Technical process documentation
  • API integrations (documentation, researching technical challenges, recommending endpoints)
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Technical Consulting consists of up to two (2) hours of monthly consulting assistance.

A customized Quarterly Consulting Report intended to provide detailed recommendations on how you can adequately reach your goals and receive more value out of the PrintNow platform based on your unique business goals.

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