Private On-Site Web-to-Print Training

Service Details

Price: $5,000 USD per day
 (Does not include T&E)
Setting: On-site at your office
Level: Enterprise

On-site Training Overview

On-site Training is designed for enterprise level customers who require customized in-person training. On-site Training secures a thorough implementation in a collaborative environment from both a technical set-up and web-to-print strategy perspective. Upon completion of onboarding, your team will have all the know-how and tools to manage the PrintNow web-to-print platform.

On-site onboarding is an excellent opportunity for customers looking to get up and running as quickly as possible. With your team and a PrintNow W2P Consultant all in the same location, we can troubleshoot and strategize promptly and efficiently.

What’s Included
  • A remote kick-off call to review the roles and responsibilities, and customer obligations.
  • Our reasonable preparation for the on-site training.
  • A one-day on-site training led by a W2P Consultant at your office.

You will also receive on-going access to resources including:

  • The PrintNow Support Team
  • Certification courses, documentation, and training programs from the PrintNow Academy

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