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Store Enterprise

For larger integrated operations. Run scalable web-to-print e-commerce stores, with the ability to extend the platform with core development.

Custom Skins

Receive access to Editor CSS to
develop your own custom skin

Editor API

REST based web service
for 3rd party integrations

Core Development

Work directly with PrintNow's
team to extend Print Editor

Monthly Cost

900/monthBilled annually

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use 3rd party e-commerce shopping carts with the Print Editor?

Yes, you can use any of our partner plug-ins or integrate into another solutions using the PrintNow Editor API. Currently the official PrintNow plugins are: Magento and WordPress (Woo-Commerce). In addition you can integrate PrintNow’s pricing calculators as well to add complex print estimating and web-to-print features to 3rd party e-commerce carts.

How are templates made in the PrintNow Editor?

It is recommended that templates be made in Adobe InDesign and create an .idml file for import. This InDesign Markup Language format renders everything linked in the InDesign file so PrintNow can read the file upon upload. Users can also create templates directly within the PrintNow Editor itself. Either method used is simple and straightforward to use.

Can I restrict what my customer has the ability to edit in the design process?

Yes. Using the PrintNow admin tools you will be able to control features that will be enabled or disabled in the Print Editor. Enable simple & advanced modes, rules, lock down images, text and any other graphic elements you’d like or vice versa. Control the amount of fonts and colors pallets that are available as well – all done at a product-based or item level  if you’d prefer.

Can the Print Editor code base be modified to add more functionality?

Yes, but core functional code changes can only be modified by PrintNow’s development team, unless it’s front end changes like site skinning. Feature requests are studied by our technical team and time and delivery estimates will be communicated to you. On your approval, we will assign the technical resources and modify the core code base accordingly. This type of core development is reserved for Enterprise clients only. 

How responsive is the Print Editor for mobile devices?

PrintNow’s Online Editor technology is built on standards based on HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS. It’s highly responsive on tablets and other high resolution screens, with web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. Plugins like Flash or Java won’t be required and it’s very easy to use.

What type of file formats does the Print Editor support?

The HTML5 editor generates a hi-res, print-ready PDF file for output and digital downloads in JPG, and PNG . It can also create a low-resolution, non-production PDF that your customer can download as a method of approval. Other files such as .EPS, .AI, SVG, .PSD, .TIF, .JPG, and .PNG are supported in conjunction with the editor as well.

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