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Order XML Output Sample: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <order> <orderId>135</orderId> <orderDate>2014-12-09T14:25:43.867</orderDate> <payment> <method>Purchase Order</method> <poNumber>65749</poNumber> </payment> <shipping> <method>UPS Ground</method> </shipping> <billingAddress>...
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PUNCH-IN/OUT WEB SERVICE CALLS pipoIsLoggedIn Parameters: String:Token Return Type: Boolean A return value of true indicates that a user is...
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The Enterprise API combines Order XML with a REST API http://www.printnow.com/web-to-print-knowledge-base/order-xml-output/ and the Online Editor API http://www.printnow.com/web-to-print-knowledge-base/online-editor-api/ with the ability to extend...
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