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CMS Email Templates

Email CMS   Email templates are the emails that are sent out when events in your Store Front occur. When...
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Can I duplicate an entire site?

No, We don’t have any magic button to duplicate an entire site and all it’s content like products, fonts, colors,...
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Can I use JavaScript on my site?

Yes, you can insert Javascript into the “PrintnowDisplay.Master” page under Appearance > Storefront Themes > Theme Name if you want...
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Exporting to QuickBooks

Order data can be exported from PrintNow’s Admin area using the Order Details Report under Reports. Reports can be exported...
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How can I enable single sign-on?

Single sign on isn’t currently supported on PrintNow. If this is required please contact us for programming services.
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How do I add a file upload to my site?

PrintNow supports two methods. Go to Products/Categories/Action/Edit CMS. Can upload Designs is for print-ready file upload that will provide a...
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How do I cancel an order?

You could add a order status called “cancelled” under Orders > Order Status Or you mark it as cancelled after...
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How do we add a blog to our website?

We don’t provide WordPress hosting, so for our own blog ( we just signed up for hosting directly with wordpress,...
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