Print Editor Features: Text Rules

The Text Controls in PrintNow can be configured in many ways to allow or restrict functionality. Alignment, color controls, leading, opacity, position, rotation, size controls, style controls, max characters, multiple lines and more are configurable.

  • Auto or unique tag names
  • Edit display name
  • Edit replace order
  • Include in final toggle
  • Allow changes toggle
  • Allow change position toggle
  • Allow opacity toggle
  • Allow rotation toggle
  • Always on top toggle
  • Autofit method: fit to mask, fit to box, scale to fit
  • Default font ID
  • Default font size
  • Min font size value
  • Max font size value
  • Multi line toggle
  • Max characters value
  • Alignment toggle
  • Leading toggle
  • Text shadow toggle
  • Text outline toggle
  • Color change toggle
  • Size change toggle
  • Style change toggle
  • Simple Mode Options: V. Align, Use template
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