Print Editor Features: Text Tools

Using the Text Controls in PrintNow, your users can modify text in creative and unique ways. Everything the user could possibly need to quickly and easily manage text online is made available in the PrintNow HTML5 Online Editor.

  • Font style
  • Regular, bold, italic, bold Italic and underline
  • Font size control
  • Color swatch palettes
  • Left, center, right and justified text alignment control
  • Align to top, middle, or bottom of text placeholder
  • Wrap, Non-wrap, scale to fit, and auto size text types
  • Leading can be changed for multi-line text boxes
  • Tracking spacing can be changed
  • Outline text with stroke supported
  • Text shadow support
  • Transparency can be changed
  • Rotation & anchor points on text elements
  • Mobile controls for better user experience
PrintNow Web to Print Screenshot

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