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Online Editor Admin Panel

Admin Panel:

1) Product is opened in the Online Editor.
2) Select the ‘panel’ on the left to view
items on the Product. IF items were not ‘Tagged’
in InDesign they will appear like Diagram A.

‘item0, item1, item2’. Or you will see your assigned ‘tag’ names of items.


3) Product view of all related products see B.




4) Upload Your Images:

– Upload New Images
– Saved Images
– Search High Quality Free Images
– Search Adobe Premium Images
– Facebook
– Flickr
– Instagram
– Picasa
– Pixabay












5) Choose Standard Size or Custom Size which is based on the products Base Price set up:














6) Layers appear as a list form. They are named by the “Tag names” that were assigned in the InDesign template. The display order of the layers can be arranged to the order you want the layers to appear. 













7) For text elements > Select each text layer to make changes to the fonts, font size, styles, alignments, opacity, leading, tracking, and drop shadows: 


















8) For Art Elements > Select here for changes to the x and y coordinates, width, height, rotation, and replace:


















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