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Working with Elements also known as Clip Art

Elements or Clip Art, are pre-made vector images used to illustrate any medium. They include a wide variety of content, file formats and illustration styles. Elements/Clip Art can be created or they can be found for purchase or for free on websites. Be aware of all licensing restrictions.


How to Create Elements:

  1. Open Illustrator.
  2. Create Shape.
  3. Fill with a color and/or add stroke colors.
  4. Object > Artboards >  Fit to Artwork Bounds.
  5. Save as an SVG.
  6. Upload in Clip Art under Admin > Products > Clipart

(See link on how to add elements to Clipart: http://www.printnow.com/web-to-print-knowledge-base/clip-art/
 or you can upload the element as an Image > Upload New Images.)

Note: Shapes can also be filled with an Opacity overlay (adjust layer’s opacity %).


Medallion_1   Diamond_1     

TIP: If using FONT’s in Elements, create outlines of text before saving. Go to > Type > Create Outlines


View Elements in the HTML5 Editor:


Click Arrow > See a display of your added multiple elements to choose from:



Click on Element > Appears on Template > Ready to be sized, colored and altered:


Tip: To Enable or Disable the Elements/Clip Art to show in the HTML5 Editor Admin Panel:

Go to the backend> Product > Select Product > Actions > View/Edit > Template Options > Flex UI > Select Clipart Panel Button to enable OR deselect.




For Further Information on How to Add Clip Art into PrintNow check out:





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