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Building your Products in InDesign

  1. Open InDesign document at the exact size of your products overall dimensions.
  2. Add Bleed into the InDesign document accordingly.
  3. Open Layer Palette.
  4. Create necessary layers for document.

Working with Layers:


Place: individual file structures on appropriate named layers.

For example: If using a dieline in the template art being placed is normally the dimensions of your actual InDesign Document. Therefore, the dieline will be placed in the x: 0 and y: 0 position. Note: Always check: your ‘x’ and ‘y’ coordinates.

Text: Text boxes containing text can be placed on your “Text” Layer. Keep in mind fonts chosen must be in your system (as TrueType Fonts). Do not add special ‘effects’ to your text. The system will not recognize ‘stylizations’ done as special text features in InDesign.

Font, Size, Leading will however be recognized. √Note: Text will also not carry over with column settings.

Further text adjustments can be done in the editor to achieve further stylized effects. 

Photos/Clipart: Place your photos or clipart in InDesign image frame boxes. Size images accordingly.

The position of the images inside the image frame boxes will match exactly when opened in the editor.

Valid file types you can use are: bmp, gif, jpg, png, tiff, pdf, eps, ps, ai, psd.

Art:  This is the color filled objects placed on the template.

For example: To have a filled cyan 1” x 1” box in InDesign you need to build a 1” x 1” cyan filled box in Illustrator.
You can then save it as an .eps or a .pdf and place that in the image place holder box in InDesign.

This is necessary for all ‘shapes’ or ‘text with effects’ for idml.


 Export the IDML: File > Export > InDesign MarkUp IDML

Upload IDML into PrintNow Editor










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