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What is Tagging in InDesign?

Tagging allows for the naming of each element on the page with a unique ‘tag’ name for easier identification of the elements in the editor. This is helpful to identify elements in the admin panel and when selecting on the specific ‘named tags’ to set lockdowns or restrictions on the named item. If you choose not to tag before making the IDML there is a default name applied such as ‘item1’ item2’ item3’ etc. that will view in your admin panel window in the editor.


How to Add a Tag: 

1. Adding Tags to elements on Product

Choose Window> Utilities > Tags to open panel

2. Do one of the following:

Choose New Tag from the Tags panel menu.
Click the New Tag button on the Tags panel.

3. Type a name for the tag. The name must conform to XML standards. If you include a space or an illegal character in the tag name, an alert message appears.

4. Optional – Selecting a color for the tag if you created your tag from the Tags panel menu. (If you created your tag with the New Tag button, you can choose a color by changing the color of the tag. You can assign the same color to different tags. Tag colors do not appear in the exported files.)

5. Click OK.

6. Select individual elements on the layers palette then select the ‘tag’ name you wish it to have when it is imported into the editor.




View these assigned ‘Tag’ names under the Layers tab in the Admin Panel.

Note: Be careful not to assign same tag names to your elements.
You will see an alert error when saving your product in the Flex Editor.


The error:



Tip: If you see the above error:

  1. Return to your InDesign file and check your tag names are not assigned to the same individual element.
  2. Save the idml file again.
  3. Return to the Product > Product Information
  4. See Actions > Replace Template > Upload the new saved corrected IDML file.
  5. Open Online Editor and Save. Will say “Project Saved” if resolved.



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