Web to Print Storefront Features: Domain Tools

Domain Tools are a set of tools that help you create Ftp accounts for order and theme access, manage your custom domains and SSL certficates, run a clean up manager to streamline your database and clear out unused images, access error logs to help trouble shoot your issues, and use a store clone app to help accelerate development.

  • Clean Up Manager: removes users, shopping carts, projects, albums, & images from temp users
  • Error log that reports Id, Error Message, Type, App, IP, Referrer, URL, User Agent, Date & Time. Also has search.
  • FTP Accounts: Create unlimited user accounts for access to order and theme directories
  • Site Bindings: Enable Custom Domains, Generate CSR, Upload SSL Certificate
  • Store clone application with Store, Pages, Pricing, Settings, Checkout Settings, & Editor options

Get everything you need in one tool to make web-to-print work for you.

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