Web to Print Storefront Features: Pricing Configuration

PrintNow supports printing pricing methodology with a base price and order option workflow. Configure any additional options such as paper, coating, perforation, binding, and proofing. You will also be able to set up promotional codes and percentage discounts for display on your Storefronts.

  • Ability to clone pricing
  • Base Price: Add available price quantities and set a default
  • Base Price: Add available sizes and define width, height, bleed and unit
  • Base Price: Add color combinations
  • Base Price: Add turnaround times and up-sell for faster service
  • Base Price: Apply fixed or percentage based discount across a category
  • Base Price: Custom size support
  • Base Price: Markup custom upload and custom design pricing options
  • Base Price: Pricing grids that show size and color options side by side
  • Base Price: Show or hide turnaround pricing options for rush charges
  • Charge per item, flat charge or percentage
  • Customizable display mode
  • Define min and max quantity
  • Display quantity as a dropdown list or text box
  • Enter weight to be calculated by the unit, square foot or inch
  • Order Option Group: Apply option to multiple products
  • Order Option Group: Arrange option groups sort order
  • Order Option Group: Tooltip description on hover
  • Order Option Group: Unlimited product option groups per product
  • Order Option Group: Variable data price display optional
  • Order Option Item: Arrange product option items sort order
  • Order Option Item: Quantity range pricing variants
  • Order Option Item: Select a default
  • Order Option Item: Unlimited product option items in groups
  • Smart Order Option conditional logic
  • Bulk upload and download via excel spreadsheet
Web-to-print storefront feature screenshot of Pricing Configuration

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