Web to Print Storefront Features: Product Catalogs

The product options and tools available enhance your abilities when developing your catalog and enable you to be in complete control. Straightforward and easy to use, you will be an expert product developer in no time and quickly complete your goals.

  • Add new products manually or upload IDML templates
  • Search by category or by keywords to list products
  • Product Information: Name, Description, Product Type, Category, Vendor, Published, Base Price, Size, Item Number, Model Number, Integration ID
  • Template Options: Scale Factor, Zoom State, Palette, Color Space, Editor Mode, Text Mode, Images Mode, Preview Type, Flex UI options, Fonts, Layouts, Themes, Clipart
  • Attributes: Assign attributes so users can filter products when using the Product Browser
  • Related Products: Add related product ids to show when product is being viewed
  • Alternate View: Add additional thumbnails beyond default if required
  • Admin Comments for “TODO” notes when managing creative
  • Replace default thumbnail generated by system
  • Assign Tags to products when grouping across categories
  • Open templates in the Online Editor Admin to modify and save changes
  • Item Manager for an alternative data view and template administration
  • View how a product shows in Storefront from Admin Tools
  • Bulk upload and download via excel spreadsheet
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